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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Visit to embassy

If you want to ask directions ask the police except when in Poland.
Why you might ask? Because we started our visit to the embassy at the
embassy that was closed! We then went to the embassy that was
open to find a very nice guy called Kristof and his photographer
friend (I will come back to her later). There were a couple of senior
cops and two very nice people from KPH, Thomas and Marta.

We had a very short discussion until I realised I had forgotten my USB stick
with our presentation on. Luckily the wonderful Lou came to the rescue
and volunteered to go back to the hotel to collect it .

Karen kept the conversation going by asking questions our hosts
couldn't answer! That told us alot about our hosts and how much they
had ventured into the world of diversity (not very far at all really).
anyway there we were willing to help them on their way when the
wonderful lou arrived with said stick.

Our new friend the photographer took photos of us talking,
laughing, talking, more laughing, Tim filmed us. We showed them some photos
of our superlamb bananas, more talking
more laughing (are you getting the picture (tee hee).

Anyway we told them our stuff. We introduced them to Ken Dodd, ferry
across the Mersey, some of our iconic buildings and oh by the way
homophobia! This is the bit where it got tricky for them. We told them all
our stuff, offered to help them with their stuff, told them a bit moré
about our stuff, offered more help, more stuff, then kinda gave in.

We gave them lots of literature about GLBT stuff to support them more
I think they appreciated it but it was hard to tell really. Maybe they were so
overwhelmed with our journey they just couldn't say!

We gave our embassy man a lovely plaque from Merseyside police and
homotpia and then more photos.

We just have to wait and see now!

Ta ta for now jeannette

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