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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

International Police Officer of the Year 2009

Hello All you Homotopians...

I am over here in the pacific northwest in the beautiful city of Seattle. It is amazing. The weather, the people, my colleagues from around the world are making me very proud, humble and privileged to be here to receive my accolade.

I have listened to Colonel Miller from the Army police speak about her 35 years in the services, I listened to many distinguished people who use words such as "trailblazers in law enforcement" and "pioneers in the field of law enforcement"  and although I don't consider myself to be anything unique, it is mega to be here and share people's stories... I took part in the parade yesterday, joining policewomen from as far afield as South Africa, trinidad and tobago, Holland and even the Mounties... what an honour, 85 degrees heat, marching with my UK colleagues to the town hall... check out www.iawp.org and i shall update on wednesday when i receive my award which will be 1200 local time here which is 8pm uk time... hope my photo's have made the blog..
anyway, from International police officer of the year... bye bye... missing you all... see you in October xxxx   Tracy.

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